Work in Progress. Welcome to my personal site. (Hug). Don't view this on mobile. It isn't mobile friendly. (Cry). This code is being held toegther with mud. Also you can tell I used to edit tumblr themes lol. This page is going to be where I talk about and log media I consume. Maybe i'll save art too. Who knows (clueless about life). Enjoy your stay.

Current Music: Mili - Sideshow Duckling

Currently Reading: kms my text My top priority, although I'm distracted by esports yaoi (again). My burden to bear.

Currently Watching: Kamen Rider OOO. Watching with a friend, 30/49. I'm also watching Donbrothers, 8/12(?).

Currently Playing: Nie No Machi. I say that, but I haven't touched it since last month. I'll finish it eventually kms if I don't.